Service definition by the Open Geospatial Consortium that defines exchange (vector) data



Goal is to unify the exchange of (vector) data over the web


The Service has the following operations (for full details check the specification)

  • GetCapabilities (Advertises supported operations, featuretypes, formats, etc)
  • DescribeFeatureType (Returns the data model for a featuretype)
  • GetFeature (Returns the requested Features)
  • Transaction (Allows to add or modify a feature)

Most common is the use of GML as encoding of feature data. However most of the implementations also support GeoJSON, GeoPackage, CSV and/or KML (check capabilities).


Servers * GeoServer * Mapserver * deegree

Clients * OpenLayers * QGIS (for WFS2 you need to install WFS2 extension) * Udig

Libraries * OWSLib * GeoTools * OGR/GDAL * gdal-npm